Hi there, I'm Cait. 

I am an occupational therapist specializing in pelvic floor and chronic pain. I have extensive training in yoga and craniosacral therapy, as well as internal and external evaluation of the pelvis, back, and hips.

I help people feel more comfortable and empowered in their bodies. 

I am a body positive therapist. I believe in supporting all people across the gender spectrum and use trauma-informed care.

I live Tillson, NY with my amazing husband and our dog, Blue.



  • NYS Licensed Occupational Therapist, no. 021523

  • Doctorate of Occupational Therapy, MGH Institute of Health Professions. (2017)

  • Marquette University Treatment of Bowel, Bladder and Pelvic Floor Disorders course. June 2018.

  • Upledger Institute, Craniosacral 1. May 2018

  • Institute of Physical Arts, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Function) 1. September 2017

  • Herman & Wallace, PF (Pelvic Floor) 1. September 2016.

  • Shakti Yoga, Woodstock, NY. 500 hr Advanced Teacher Training. 2017.

  • Yoga Sanctuary, Northampton, Ma. 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. 2012.



A Brief History of the Practice

wild arches logo jpeg.jpg

I have always loved the body's shapes. 

I began teaching movement when I was 22. At that time, I was in love with Anusara yoga; I still am today.

As I dove deeper into studies of anatomy and the body, I became fascinated by the structural components that keep us stable and mobile; the arches, or domes, that repeat up and down the body's template. 

The arches of the pelvis, skull, thorax, diaphragm and feet (just to name a few) all interplay with one another to provide the body with optimal performance. 

I believe in natural movement and play over strict and rigid exercise; that a wild, intuitive body can lead towards health. 

"Wild Arches" is an homage to this belief that the arches of our body, our structural keystones, are supported by a wild abandon for play, love, and life. 


my mission is to empower people & help heal

… and you can often find me outside!