what to expect

Bodies are different. 

Treatment with Cait meets your needs, no matter what they are. Your treatment may include manual therapy (including myofascial release & craniosacral therapy), therapeutic exercises, environmental and habit modifications (to make your treatment sustainable), yoga therapy, and biofeedback - a neat and evidence-based intervention that allows you to see how hard your muscles are working and re-program your body for success. 


Your initial evaluation will be 75 minutes.

This allows time to get to know one another and to help Cait learn your story and your goals!

You're in charge.

While Cait offers and believes in internal and external manual therapy and biofeedback, you always have the option to say no. We can go as fast or as slow as you would like! 

Depending on what's going on, Cait generally recommends 4-6 sessions as a good starting place. 

You have access to Cait's email to ask any questions or follow up. (Allow 24 hours for a response!)