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Learning-inspired play.

Cait has worked with children from 0 - 18 years old for the last ten years. Using mindfulness, movement, and a love for everyday objects and happenings, Cait creates environments and routines that inspire growth while soothing a child's nervous system. 

Because Cait works outside the school system, she will be able to integrate your family and home environment into treatment. This creates an important link for your child's success, and gives you time to understand your child's growth and potential needs. 


Areas of specialty

  • Sensory integration disorders
  • Fine and gross motor weakness and bilateral integration
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Emotional regulation 

FAQ: How is OT with Cait different than what my child receives at school? 

Occupational therapy in schools often focuses on fine motor skills that prepare them for school. This can sometimes limit therapy to goals of handwriting and attention span within a school environment, but you know that your child is so much more than that! 

OT with Cait looks into your child's needs beyond school walls. For example, a child with cognitive delays who easily "elopes" (runs away when scared) can be taught positive coping methods, like breathing and giving herself a hug. 


Cait exudes calm, loving energy and children (and parents) feel this. She focuses on the whole child rather than one aspect of therapy.
— Marci A., Wellesley, MA