pelvic floor


pelvic floor internal/external evaluation + treatment


Appropriate for anyone experiencing pain with sex and/or incontinence. Expect comprehensive (but not invasive) orthopedic and pelvic evaluation and strategies to change routines for improved pelvic health.

Cait includes sEMG biofeedback, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise to restore wellness to the pelvic floor and deep core systems.

The following conditions may be addressed by a pelvic therapist:

  • pelvic pain

  • incontinence (urinary or bowel)

  • painful sex

  • birth injuries

  • prolapse (cystocele and rectocele)

  • diastasis recti

  • pubic symphysis dysfunction/pain

  • SI pain

  • pain following gender confirmation surgery

Cait specializes in treating pre- and post- partum clients, as well as transgender clients. 


chronic pain


craniosacral therapy


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that addresses the function of the membranes surrounding the central nervous system and cerebrospinal fluid itself. It is extremely beneficial for headaches, back pain, central nervous system disorders, TMJ, and much more. 


private yoga therapy


Cait has trained extensively in adaptive yoga and alignment. Sessions will teach you safe approaches into traditional postures, as well as restorative poses to increase a relaxation response to help the body heal. This is ideal if you are working with an injury but want to continue building strength or mobility. 


environmental modifications


As an occupational therapist, Cait specializes in analyzing your environment to enhance your body's ability to heal and relax.