“I always left our sessions feeling rejuvenated.”

I worked with Cait to get some relief for my low back pain and she made me a yoga believer. She is a great instructor. She explained all of poses really well, the purpose of each and how each one should feel. She was attentive to which movements were difficult for me and coached me through them with positive encouragement. I always left our sessions feeling rejuvenated and smiley. Plus I made huge improvements in my flexibility, back pain management and downward dog! I have recommended her to everyone I know who is interested in excellent yoga instruction.

- Sarah S., Boston

"Cait exudes calm, loving energy and children (and parents) feel this.  She focuses on the whole child rather than one aspect of therapy."

Cait worked with our daughter for 1.5 years between the ages of 7.5-9. Our daughter was born with global delay and sensory processing disorder and struggled with her body. She also suffered from low self esteem. Cait’s work shifted Chloe’s and our lives immensely.  She is very unique in that aside from her strong clinical experience, she incorporates holistic understanding and healing in the form of yoga, breathing technics, essential oils and healthy diet. Our daughter responded differently to Cait because of this and the genuine love Cait puts forth. Cait exudes calm, loving energy and children (and parents) feel this.  She focuses on the whole child rather than one aspect of therapy. She made therapy fun by couching it in things kids like to do. For our daughter, it was cooking and taking nature walks. Cait taught our daughter how to calm herself and feel good about herself which she still uses to this day. Cait is one of the hardest working clinicians I know. She invests completely in the children she works with. She is extremely patient, organized and proactive and has creative solutions to challenges with kids. She is such a treasure and we are so thankful to have had her in our lives.

- Marci A., Wellesley, MA


“Working with Cait was indispensable.”

Working with Cait was an absolutely indispensable compliment to the PT sessions I've been engaged in. Through the yoga and relaxation techniques we practiced, it helped facilitate the overall calming down of my nervous system. While I still have a long way to go, I have no doubt in my mind that I would be much worse off if we didn't have our sessions together. It started my real road to recovery I'm on now.

Before working with Cait, I have tried yoga and positions like constructive rest in the past, but they never really worked. In fact, most times when I did yoga, I ended up feeling even worse and tighter than I was before. But through using Cait's exercises, I finally felt my body relaxing.

Further, certain techniques we discussed (finding the right tea or scent for relaxation) certainly helped my recovery as well.

— Zach G., Manhattan

"Cait is an amazing teacher.

She brings an empowering and uplifting zest to all of her classes. She makes yoga fun and approachable. Her classes are structured to support every student’s individual journey."

- Krista A., Poughkeepsie, NY